Board Officers

2021 Officers & Board of Directors
President Richard Bryan
Vice President Ken Swagerty
Secretary Karen Ortega
Treasurer Mark Samms
Federation Director Tina Anderson
Directors at Large Janet Flint

Pam Taylor

Sue Samms

Patti Kempf

Shop Forepersons
Dan Wolke, Rodney Auwae, Tina Anderson, Brian Garber, Steve Mobley, Pam Taylor, Pati McCullough, Greg McCleary, Ken Swagerty, Mark Samms, Sue Samms, Richard Bryan, Brian Jarvis, Marty Larson

2 Replies to “Board Officers”

  1. Do you have anyone who is familiar with Arrowheads, Pomo Buriel Spears, Obsidians, Bird Points, etc. that range from 1,000 – 2,000 years old?

    1. Dave – my apologies for the very late response. We do have a person in the club that may be able to help you. Please provide some contact info and we will have Rick contact you. Regards, Brian Garber

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