Russian River Field Trip

Saturday Nov 04th– NBFT/VGMS to the Russian River:  Jasper (various shades and multi-colored). Nephrite Jade, Jadeite (rare) and Plasma Agate, Magnesite, Serpentine, Actinolite, Calcite Brecciaed Jasper.  Vallejo VGMS sponsored trip. Contact us for more information.

Wilson Canyon Field Trip

October Sat 28th  Field Trip to Wilson Canyon, Smith Valley, NV  Hiking up and down moderate to steep trails. Green  opalized petrified wood, moss & plume agate. El Dorado Mineral & Gem Society. Contact Thaleia Georgiades: [email protected] for flyer.

Rockhound of the Year

The winner of the 2017 Rockhound of the Year Award was Brian Garber. Garber says “I am humbled and very grateful to have been voted in as ROY by our great Members.” Congratulations also to everyone nominated for the 2017 Rockhound of the Year Award. Thanks everyone for your contribution to our club!

Solano County Fair

The Solano County Fair is coming up! The Vallejo Gem and Mineral Society will have an open house during the fair. Fun and games for all! Come visit us during fair hours. August 2nd through August 6th. Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 3pm-10pm. Saturday, Sunday Noon-10pm